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So G has done it again and created an amazing readathon starting today all they way until the 26th of December. Now this readathon is a little bit different in that the reading prompts are in a choose your own adventure layout. You can check out G’s video explaining it all here and but here is the pathways that you can follow: So the idea is that you follow the footsteps to… Read More

Ok so I’m just going to start out by saying that I didn’t do that well during this Read-a-thon. I was hoping to get a decent amount of reading over the first weekend but I managed to distract myself by re-organizing my bookshelves and cleaning the house. I started off the read-a-thon by reading Circe by Madeline Millar and I got to page 161 however as much as I was enjoying the… Read More

The Day 2 blog challenge is hosted by Artemis Starlite at and the challenge is talk about your favourite summer reads. So I don’t tend to pick particular books for summer especially since a lot of the books that come out in our summer are fall reads for the rest of the world. So I’m going to do this on the slant of what I take on vacation with me and… Read More

The Day 1 blog challenge is hosted by Evil Queen Books Blog and the challenge is to list your three favourite vacation spots. Thailand – Thailand has some great resorts so it is the perfect place to go a hide away in a resort and not need to leave (I know there are some great places to visit but sometimes you just need to do nothing on a holiday). A private island… Read More

It is that time again….. The Summer Biannual Bibliothon starts tomorrow and I am putting my hat in the ring to participate. So once again there are reading challenges that I will be completing however I will be doubling up some books so that they count for more than one challenge. 1. Read the group read: The Wicked Deep by Shae Ernshaw 2. Choose a book from someone else’s TBR: Children of… Read More