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So we are almost half way through the NEWTs exams and I really thought I would be in a better position than I am now. I blame Elementary for this as I have gotten sucked into it and keep watching it when I could be reading. Week two consists of days 6-12 and has been a pretty bad reading week. Current Grades: A: 4 – Arithmacy, Charms, Herbology & Muggle Studies. I… Read More

Week 1 of the NEWTs is over and as I did with the OWLs I will be doing weekly updates. This week consists of days 1 to 5 and considering I have done a decent amount of reading however as I added up my required daily page count I am really behind. Current Grades: A: 2 – Charms & Herbology. Started Arithmacy E: 0 O: 0 Books Read: Daimon by Jennifer L… Read More

So in April I sat my OWLs with a whole lot of other students and I did very well (I got an Outstanding by passing all 12 subjects). Now I have received my letter from Hogwarts that it is time to sit my NEWTs. The NEWTs will be held over the month of August so there is 31 days to complete any of the subjects that you wish to do. The main… Read More