Its Time……

So I have been thinking about doing this blog for awhile now and lets be honest I have been sitting on my hands about starting. See… I started off by using blogger but that site really doesn’t work for what I have in mind for this blog, so I kind of paused my blog for awhile and then I remembered Word Press. I don’t know why I forgot about the site but I am hoping that it allows me to do what I want with this blog.

So lets get into my ideas of where I want this blog/website to go..

Basically this is going to be my place to talk about and review comics and books. See my issue is that I love reading and I didn’t want to do a blog only focusing on comics or only focusing on books, but I still wanted something that would allow me to separate the two. So basically I will have one page with comic reviews and another that has my books.

The other thing I want to make anyone reading this aware of is that I have really only just gotten back into reading comics. I read them as a kid but really I am writing this blog as a newbie stepping into the world of comics (well I will be focusing on the trades). I hope that as I explore the world of comics I am able to recommend good jumping on points as that is something that I always worry about with comics. I guess it’s a little because of my OCD but I would love to be able to go back to the start and read every comic book and maybe in the future I can explore the extensive back list of comics out there.

I guess that is enough for now and hopefully I will have my first review up soon.

Happy reading,