TTT – Topic Freebie AKA Things that make me pick up a book

So because I am terrible at coming up with topics I have gone back in the TTT archives and picked a topic that I missed during my hiatus. This week I have decided to

10 It’s a book club pick

I go in and out of being in a book club and mostly it is effected by my lack of time but I love seeing what book clubs are picking up.

9It’s part of a series that I already love

This covers all things from novellas to spin off series.

8Road trip books

I love a good road trip book especially because the ones that I have read so far have been set in the USA so I can somewhat travel around without actually flying all that way (one day I will road trip across the USA for myself).

7Epic fantasy that goes over multiple books

This is even better when all the books have been released so I can binge the entire series.

6Spy school stories

I love spy school stories. I find them entertaining so I pick them up when I find them.

5 Different book formats

Books like Illuminae by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff easily spark my interest. I find books written in different formats a nice break and really fun to read.

4 An eye catching cover

Look I know the saying is don’t judge a book by the cover but I’m sorry that is why people are paid to create great covers for books. I will put a however to this by saying that I hate it when book covers do not relate to the actual story.

3 Fake dating plots

I love this classic trope. Give me two people that use each other a faking being in a relationship but then as they get to know each other fall in love.

2 Recommendations

If I have seen or read a lot of recommendations for a book by people who I know have similar taste in books with me the chances are I will pick the book up.

1 Auto-buy authors

The easiest way I decide whether or not to pick up a book is if it is an auto-buy author and I don’t own the book I will get it. I don’t have much impulse control in this situation.

Happy Reading

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