TTT – Settings I’d like to see more of

So this week’s theme for TTT is “Settings I’d like to see more of”. I will preface this post by saying that I’m sure that there are some great books in these settings and I would love some recommendations from you guys.

10 In Space – I love space stories especially if the story is just set there but isn’t about being in space.

9 Road trip – I love road trip stories and the learning and growing that the characters do along the way. I certainly haven’t read enough of these stories.

8 Deep in a Forest – There is just something about a forest that I love.

7 In a small town – I love reading about small towns but I don’t think I could ever live in one.

6 Circuses and Carnivals – I guess being an aerialist I love circus stories as I can relate a lot.

5 In spy school – Spy school stories are so much fun.

4 Magical world – I mean who doesn’t love magical worlds.

3 Boarding School – Boarding school is such a foreign concept to me so I love reading books set there.

2 Victorian London – I love this era and want to read more books set in this time.

1 Libraries – I mean we are book lovers right so I just want books in book places.


Happy Reading


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