2019 Reading Goals

Ok I know that this post is extremely late as it is already day 24 of 2019 but I have been meaning to make my reading goals post for quite some time. The problem is that I have been changing up my goals a lot however I am finally happy with them and need to set them in place as I am really lacking in my reading so far in 2019.

Ok onto my 12 reading goals for 2019

  1. Read 100 books for the Goodreads Challenge
  2. Complete Mt Ararat (48 books) for Mt TBR
  3. Read the 6 main Jane Austen books
  4. Track my daily reading
  5. Read 50 pages a day
  6. Complete the A-Z book challenge
  7. Read at least 1 book from my TBR jar per month
  8. Complete 5 book series (Series that are completed but I haven’t finished them)
  9. Participate in 6 readathons
  10. Keep up with The YA Room BOTMs and attend the book club meetings
  11. Read 6 subscription box books that I have either received in 2019 or earlier
  12. Maintain all the book related pages in my Bullet Journal

Other book related goals are:

Blog Goals

  1. Post twice a week
  2. Post a review every month
  3. Post subscription box reveals on my blog
  4. Have posts ready and scheduled a week prior

Booktube Goals

  1. Upload 3 times a week
  2. Have videos ready and scheduled a week prior
  3. Film reading vlogs for all readathons
  4. Film a weekend reading vlog every second weekend
  5. Upload at least 1 review every month

I will also be creating a Reading Goals page on this blog so that I can stay countable to 4 reading challenges that I am aiming to complete.

Also on top of this post I will be doing a video about my challenges where I will go into further detail about them.

Let me know what reading goals you have set for yourself.

Happy Reading

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