Where the Hell have I Been……..

Ok so it is fair to say that it has been a difficult month and a half, and most things in my life have been affected but in particiular all of my hobbies that I normally get a lot of enjoyment out of.

Everything in my life was moving along nicely and I had a pattern. Well I did until my partner of 8 years decided it was time to have a conversation about our relationship and where it was going. Always a great thing to hear…….

Now I know that breaking up of a relationship is not the end of the world but it is still a very difficult thing and as this is my first relationship I do feel like it makes it that much harder. Now don’t get me wrong, I do know that this was coming as he had changed his thoughts on getting married and having kids from when we first started, but this is the person that I have been with since I was 18 and there is a huge difference between thinking that break ups should occur and actully going through it. So needless to say there has been some tears.

One of the hardest things is the fact that we have the same friendship group so it is really important that we are still friends and this is especially important as we own a house together and have decided to rent it out for 12 months so that we can build up seperate deposits for our own places in the future, but it has left me with an entire house to pack up and try to fit into my old bedroom at my Dad’s place. On top of that I have been using his car for the last 5 years so I had to quickly buy a car.

There has just been so many things going on and also because we are in the lead up to Xmas I am already busy most weekends and now I have the pressure of people wanting me to move ASAP. Unfortunately this has all meant that I haven’t had the time or the patiences to sit down and write posts or even finish editing the videos I already have filmed.

I hope that you all understand that I have needed this break for my own welfare and not adding any extra presure on top of what is already going on. I am working on the back list of post and videos but I am more focused on making sure that I have my love of reading as an excape not just another task on my very long to do list.

Ok that is enough about my personal life.

Happy Reading



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