TTT – Halloween Freebie

Hey guys,

I am starting off this post with a massive I’m Sorry.

I have had to take so time off from Blogging/ Youtube and even reading in general as I have been going through a pretty hard time. While this is certainly not over I am starting to move on and get back to the things that I love.

So I’m doing this post a day late and using last weeks topic but I hope you will all forgive me.

Last week’s topic for TTT was Villians and I want to highlight some of my favourite Villians. (not quite sure if they are going to be in order or not)

10Sebastian Morgenstern – from Mortal Instruments Series

9 Scythe Goddard – from Scythe

8 Bellatrix Lestrange – from Harry Potter

7Athos & Astrid Dane – from Darker Shade of Magic

6Queen of Hearts – from Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland

5The Evil Queen – from Snow White

4 Joker – from Batman

3Count Olaf – from A Series of Unfortunate Events

2 Moriarty – from Sherlock Holmes

1 Lord Voldemort – from Harry Potter

Hope everyone is having a good Halloween and reading all the creepy books.

Happy Reading

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