TTT – Binge worthy TV shows

Ok so this weeks topic is all about TV shows. I love binging TV shows but I just wished that the Australian Netflix had as much on it as the US Netflix.

10 The Big Bang Theory – It is so sad that this is coming to an end

9Buffy and Angel – I have put these together since they are linked shows.

8 Chuck – I could watch this all day

7Charmed – This is so easy to binge through.

6  Gilmore Girls – This is like my guilty pleasure. I don’t know how many times I have watched it.

5Kim’s Convenience – I have only recently watched this but I watched both of the seasons available on Netflix and really enjoyed it.

4 Gotham – Anything about Batman I love.

3 Criminal Minds – I love binging this show

2 A Series of Unfortunate Events – I LOVE THIS SHOW!!!!!!!!!!

1 Lucifer – I love this show and I need season 3 to be available in Aus NOW!!!!

This makes me want to go and watch some show. What are some of your favourite binge-worthy shows?

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23 Comments on “TTT – Binge worthy TV shows

    • I feel like lately shows aren’t given enough time to get the ratings plus they don’t tend to look at streaming site ratings which is how a lot of people in Australia get to watch these shows.


  1. I wish that television (and book) companies could do a better job at distributing their products worldwide. It’s such an outdated system where they sell the rights to broadcast a television show in one country (or print a book in one country). The world is truly an international place… I talk to people in other countries all the time. I wish you could watch our US shows and we could watch your Aussie shows.


  2. Chuck is one of the few shows I’d stay up to watch live. I’m not one to stay up late, but I would stay up and watch Chuck (and then Heroes!) when it aired. It’s still such a fun show, although it’s no longer on Netflix US (but it is on Amazon).

    Here is our Top Ten Tuesday. Thank you!


  3. We share a couple shows! I love Lucifer! I haven’t seen season 3 yet but I’m so glad Netflix picked it up for season 4. I’m actually in the middle of binge watching Charmed, I absolutely love the show. Are you going to watch the reboot? I haven’t seen A Series of Unfortunate Events but I really want to. I actually want to watch it with my oldest, he’s 7 and I think he might like it.

    Tina @ As Told By Tina


    • Me too. I am on the fence with the charmed reboot but i am glad they aren’t using the same characters just similar story line. I am just sad that season 3 will be the last for Series of Unfortunate Events so they will miss the last 4 books.


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