TTT – Favourite Book Blogs / Websites

Wow it feels like forever since I have done a TTT post but I have to admit that some of the recent topics just haven’t interested me lately so I haven’t done them. However I use a lot of bookish websites so this weeks topic is right up my alley and I can’t wait to share these gems with you. (Some of them I am sure you already know about).

10 My Bookish Lyfe – This is a fairly new to me blog but I am loving going through Ashlee Marie’s posts.

9 The Book Moo – Mel from The Book Moo is the creator of the Series Crackdown Readathon and does great reviews, updates and Netflix addiction posts.

8 Silvia Reads Books – Silvia does great reviews as well. She also really good recaps and recommendation posts.

7Kristin Kraves Books – Kristin does great reviews and I love all the graphics that she uses. She also has great Tags posts.

6The Book Raven – Tiana from The Book Raven is an prolific blogger. I hope to one day have my blog as good as hers.

5 Munch Reviews – Maddie from Munch Reviews does awesome book reviews, Top Ten Tuesday & WWW Wednesday posts, and other posts.

4 Little Book Owl’s Readathon Calendar – Ok so this is more like one page on a blog website but it is extremely helpful. I love participating in Readathons but half the battle is finding out about them with enough time to prepare what the hell you are going to read. Catriona from the Little Book Owl has a calendar on her blog that shows all the readathons planned for the year (well at least the ones she is told about). I have found this calendar super useful in planning what readathons I want to participate in.

3 Book Series Recaps – Ever started reading a series and then have to wait a year for the next book to come out only to get to that release date and completely forget what has happened so far? I do this all the time and then feel as though I need to reread the entire series to be up to date but Book Series Recaps has detailed summaries of what happened in previous books including any spoilers.

2 Recaptions – Similar to Book Series Recaps, Recaptions is a site just for series recaps. What I like about this site more than Book Series Recaps is everything is in dot point and I find the recaps to be a bit more in-depth. (This is the site that I am aiming to get my recaps page similar too and then maybe become a Recaptions sidekick)

1 Goodreads – Ok this one might be an obvious answer but I use Goodreads nearly everyday. I might not be updating my reading progress as much as I should but there are many functions that I love in Goodreads. I love the groups area as I am involved in many groups and many of them have monthly books that we all read and discuss. I also spend a lot of time using the list area. The list area makes it super easy to create new releases posts and to organize my book hauls.

I can’t wait to see what your favourite bookish sites are. Link your post in the comments if you have done this TTT as well or just comment with your favourite sites.

Happy Reading

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