Dewey’s 24hr Readathon

Hi Book Nerds,

So the Dewey’s 24hr Read-a-thon is on again on Saturday the 21st of October and I have decided to join in. I think that this is my 3rd Dewey’s read-a-thon and I really enjoy them as I love that it is a short read-a-thon and I can just set aside one day to read instead of feeling bad about not reading a lot consistently through the week as life gets in the way. The only downside to the read-s-thon is that in Melb, Australia it starts at 11pm so I don’t think I will be getting to much reading at the start of the 24hrs.

So the plan….

I will be finishing An Ember in the Ashes by Sabaa Tahir as I am halfway through and loving it.

Then I might pick up a few comic TPBs as I have quite a few on my shelf that I have been meaning to get to and comics and graphic novels are perfect for read-a-thons.

I am hoping to finish at least 3 books in the 24hr period. I don’t want to try and pack in too much as things always come up and I can only read for so long before my eyes need a break and my coffee cup need filling.

I will be on Twitter and Instagram during the 24hrs and I hope that many of you will also be participating.

Until next time.
Happy Reading,

One Comment on “Dewey’s 24hr Readathon

  1. Have fun! I’ll be posting about my readathon as well on Instagram and on goodreads… I am in Germany, so starting time for me will be 2pm, which is a little better in the beginning of the readathon…


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